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Monster Girl Tactics (name in development) is a tactical RPG that is heavily influenced by games like Final Fantasy Tactics (Wotl, Advance, and A2), Ogre Tactics, and the Mercenaries Saga.


You awake in a world where magic and monster thrive. With no memories, you must explore this new strange world and discover your mysterious past.

Map Builder

MG Tactics will feature a user-friendly map builder allowing you the player to design levels and tell stories which you will be able to share and enjoy with an online community. The map builder currently has little assets as the game is still in development.

Place Blocks, Enemies, Scenery and Spawn Points
Fill Tool - Allows multiple blocks to be placed on the same height

Place Tool - place one block or click and drag to place multiple blocks in a rectangle.

Line Tool - place blocks in a line

Circle Tool - place blocks in a rough circle

Wand - Only place blocks on similar blocks of the same height

Hotbar - Use the Hotbar for things you'll place often. Think Minecraft
Loading and Saving Maps
Auto Tiling Blocks (Note that the water blocks are still in development)
Map Size Adjusting - Made you map too big or small. No worries, you can adjust that in the builder.

Battle System

Currently, MG Tactics has a simple turn-based battle system. In the future, you will be able to form parties and mould characters into strong Mages and/or Versatile Warriors. Rather than relying on a class or job system, MG tactics will instead allow you to teach characters a plethora of abilities and skills regardless of class.

MG Tactics does have a working battle system complete with enemies and a turn order. Although this is in early development you can play around with it.


WASD to move the camera

Blocks, Scenery, and Enemies can be placed in Hotbar by clicking them in the build menu and clicking a slot in the Hotbar.

Arrows will increase and decrease the map size
Control + S to save the map (you can't save maps where the games executable is)
Control + Space to switch from build mode to play mode and back
Control+R to activate Rain Effect

Your Map Creations

Have a cool map you made? want others to see? Why not upload the map file and post the link in the comments? I would love to check it out and I'm sure others would too!


Donations are not necessary but very appreciated. All Donations will be put toward the development of the game.


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Bud, are you still developing the game? I'd love to get in touch.

Yeah, I'm still developing the game. I've been busy so havent had much time to update it

I'm with a small indie games developer and publisher. I'd love to get in touch and ask you few questions, if you don't mind of course. I wasn't able to find a way to contact you directly.

Still alive? I thought this was super cool

Sorry for the late response. I've been busy latley but I'm still working on the game.


That's great to hear, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. 

Good work so far! I did run into a bit of a bug though. On my laptop screen (1366 x 768), I couldn't see any of the build menu but when I moved the window to my 1080p monitor, I was able to see it. So having the menu UI scale with the screen size might be useful for people that have smaller monitors.

thank you so much! I always seem to forget about these kinds of thing. I'll see if I can add a fix for the next update :)

Interesting concept, keep up the good work!

Thank you!